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Hickory Creek Lavender Farm is a small family owned and operated farm located in Stevensville, Michigan.  The 20 acre rural property in Southwest Michigan has been in our family for over 100 years.  Our dream of starting a boutique lavender farm became a reality in 2017, when we planted our first lavender plants  on a section of the farm.  Today, Hickory Creek Lavender Farm has over 1400 plants and six different varieties of lavender in the field.   We want to specialize in naturally grown and hand harvested lavender and lavender products. 


Naturally Grown

The sandy soil of southwest Michigan is ideal for growing lavender.  Our philosophy is to use natural methods of farming and weed control for all of our varieties of lavender.  Hickory Creek Lavender is naturally grown and  hand  harvested. Our goal is to grow quality lavender and to enjoy the beauty of this amazing plant!  Hickory Creek  Lavender is used for fresh and dry  bouquets and a number of lavender products. We specialize in custom orders for your special event.



Benefits of Lavender

Discover this unique and beautiful herb and explore its many uses.  Lavender has been grown for centuries for its intensely fragrant flowers and beautiful appearance.  Lavender is used extensively in aromatherapy and herbal therapy. The knowledge of its healing qualities has grown through the centuries.  It is  also known for its disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Today, lavender is more widely used in the natural remedy category for many ailments, from insomnia and anxiety to depression and mood disturbances.  The use of lavender in cooking has become very popular in recent years. The scent of lavender is wonderful and calming. We invite you to experience the naturally grown and hand harvested Hickory Creek Lavender.


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2019 Lavender Season

Our lavender growing season is over and we are busy with our fall pruning.  Thank you so much for all of your continued support at the St. Joseph Farmers Market and the New Buffalo Farmers Market this summer.  We will be at the St. Joseph Market through October 12th, weather permitting.  Our Lavender Honey is now available and it is delicious!  Check out our online store for more information on our products.

Hickory Creek Lavender Farm

5291 Saint Joseph Avenue, Stevensville, Michigan 49127, United States


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